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There is great satisfaction in knowing you've done your job well and served your patients' interests by saving their lives and improving their quality of life. It gives us particular satisfaction when our patients take the time to acknowledge their satisfaction by providing Kify Hospital with their testimonials.

  • "My blood sugars are very high. I am on insulin. The insulin injections are very painful. I consulted this doctor and he stopped insulin and suggested diet and exercise. My sugars came to 120 with diet and exercise only. Best sugar specialist. I. Very happy now." - Mr. Mani J on Google

  • "My father health serious. Admitted in ICU. Every doctor told he will die. We took to Kify Hospital. Doctor saved my father's life and he is going to job now. Thank you very much doctor. This doctor has gods own hands. Best doctor I have ever seen. Kify is the best hospital."- Mr. Suresh J on Google

  • "I had fever since 25 days. Consulted many doctors. No use. Went to kify hospital. My fever decreased in 2 days. Thank you doctor. Best fever super specialist doctor. Kify is the best fever hospital" - Mr. Kamalakar P on Google

  • "I have wound over left leg since 7 months. Visited many doctors. No use. Consulted kify hospital. He controlled my blood sugar. My wound decreased in 10 days. Best diabetic foot specialist doctor. Best diabetes hospital" - Mr. Madhu on Google

  • "I have thyroid complaint since 10 years. My thyroid not under control. Consulted Kify Hospital and he controlled my thyroid in 2 months. My weakness decreased. I am feeling better. More energy now. Thank you very much doctor. He is the best thyroid super specialist doctor in Rajahmundry." - Mr. Srinu on Google

  • "I would like to share my experience. I came to know that I have diabetes. I was under severe stress. Doctor is very soft spoken and allowed time to the patients to ask questions and any concerns. He is very considerate by nature. He is accurate regarding diagnosis too. He is enriched with experience. He started my treatment in a confident way. He normalised by blood sugars with just diet and exercise. He is the best diabetes doctor. He isa like God to me. Thank you." - Mr.Nani on Google

  • "I am very happy and satisfied with the excellent treatment of Dr. Subrahmanyam sir. My overall experience with him is very good. His hospital is also very nice and clean. I genuinely recommend him as a family physician as he is a good doctor with nice patience to treat all age groups. He is well experienced, highly qualified and skilled doctor who is able to accurately diagnose and treat complex cases. His staff is also courteous. Thanks for saving my life. You are like god to me. Keep up the good work doctor. Best diabetes hospital in rajahmundry." - Mr.Murali on Google

  • "I got dengue fever. Platelets 2000. Consulted Kify Hospital. Platelets increased to 2 lakhs in 4 days. Thank u for saving life. Best dengue fever specialist doctor. Bills are less. Less tests and less medicines. Service oriebted doctor." - Mrs.Monica on Google

  • "Miracles do happen if you come across with someone in your life who treats you in such a way that changed your life style. I am a patient of diabetes for last 10 years. After prolonged treatment, I am not getting any relief and was admitted to a hospital and was placed on insulin 3 times a day. I am very depressed. My colleague told me to visit kify hospital once. Doctor karuturi subrahmanyam Garu stopped insulin and asked me to follow diet and exercise. My sugar level is normal since past 4 months without medicines. Only diet. We are very satisfied. He is a god. He is the best diabetes super specialist doctor. Kify hospital is the best diabetes hospital" - Mrs.Subba Lakshmi on Google

  • "He is a very good physician. He listens to patients and asks important questions. He understands patient concerns and fears before prescribing medicines. His staff also good and they are ready to help patients. This doctor does free service to poor patients. He advices about good diet and exercise. He prefers natural ways of controlling diseases. He wrote a book about diabetes in telugu language and it is well read in the state of Andhra Pradesh." - Mr.Durga Prasad on Google

  • "Best Blood pressure BP specialist doctor. My blood pressure is always around 220/110. Consulted many doctors. Still BP is high. I consulted Kify Hospital and he gave a single medicine and my blood pressure came to 120/80. Thank you very much doctor. Best hypertension specialist doctor." - Mr.Mani on Google

  • "I am having fever since 20 days. Visited 3 doctors in rajamahendravaram. My liver and kidney got damaged because of fever. Fever not decreased. My fren took me to Kify Hospital. He admitted and controlled my fever in just 3 days. Bills are also very less. Thank you. Best fever super specialist doctor. Service oriented doctor. I feel bills are lowest in Kify Hospital in the whole rajahmundry city." - Miss. Sri Lakshmi on Google

  • "This is not a hospital. I repeat. This is not a hospital. This is a temple. The moment Dr. Karuturi Subrahmanyam garu touches you, your diseases and problems will disappear. He has a god touch. Thanks for saving the life of my mother. I am always indebted to you sir. Best doctor. He conducts free medical camps and gives free medicines to poor people. Very service oriented doctor." - Mr. Ganesh T on Google

  • :here is the place where treatment is not in acommercial manner.well experienced dr.and efficient caring staff i have experienced very caring treatment.thank u sir .may god give u more healthy years to treat more people on need" - Mrs.Jyotsna T on Facebook

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"Dr. Subrahmanyam Karuturi is the best Physician & Diabetologist in Rajahmundry ( Rajamahendravaram )." - Mr. K. Srinivas, Patient

"Dr. Tejaswi Karuturi is the best pediatrician and child specialist in Rajahmundry ( Rajahmahendravaram ). Kify Hospital is the best childrens hospital." - Mrs. Ch. Vani, Patient Mother

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